About & Contact

Marlene Zeiner Borthen 

Interior designer/stylist

I am always searching for that extra 'something' - in art, design and visual expression. 
I value the creative process as much as the outcome itself, it's also about the thought process behind, the personality and multifactorial sensory impressions that shapes the expression. Like creating a feeling, a thought or a memory.

This space is a platform for me to develop, contribute and share my passion for the creative and aesthetic field. 

While studying interior design, I worked freelance as an interior stylist for 3 years, parallelI I created the Instagram account @mdezeiner to share inspiration, vision and creativity. Shortly after @mdezeiner got international recognition from the academic community and became -one to follow- by Domino Magazine, Allude Cashmere Magazine, Camille Styles and many more. 

I work within interior design and styling, content creation and trend forecasting.

You can also book my services through www.arkivet.co (Norwegian site)


I can offer sponsored content in blog posts, ad banners and sponsored posts on Instagram, if its in line with my current profile. 

If you have any questions about collaboration, promotions or just in general - feel free to contact me on email: marleneborthen@gmail.com or here: