I am a huge fan of lumcious shapes, soft fabrics and outstanding design. People who know me, knows. Here are six of my favorite chairs, that i'm dreaming of a little bit everyday..  


I actually smile when I see this chair. The Smile chair is made by Studio Gian Carlo Valle, produced in 2017, and has been on my mind since. Just love the muted lines and french referance. GianCarlo is a great designer, with volumes and 

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A true classic. And now it's looking cosier than ever. The Womb chair was made by Eero Saarinen in 1948. Upon request from Florence Knoll "a chair that was like a basket full of pillows - something she could really curl up in." The Chair offers an comforting oasis - hence the name. 


From the belated Wendell Castle.. 


So cute, with its tree tubular legs and lamb wool seating... I think I have a thing (or two) for lamb wool or boucle at the moment.. but who hasn't? The fabric and textile is a huge hit now, and both new and vintage furniture is getting a new coat. The chair is designed by Cini Boeri and produced by Arflex Official.  


Saved the best for last... These curves are the sexiest. The etcetera chair was first produced in the 70's and reproduced in 2018 by the unique partnership of Artilleriet and Jan Ekselius. Thank you for that. It comes in varies colors and also with an ottoman. This chair is art in its self.