Gudrun - Norwegian quality pillows

Gudrun is a new, entirely Norwegian brand that offers pastel colored interior pillows of high quality of wool.  

Gudrun is a family owned company, headed by the couple Rikke and Torkel Bye-Sondresen. The company was established early 2019 and is Oslo-based. Inspired by their grandmothers, both named Gudrun, the couple named the company to put emphasis on the Norwegian artisan tradition, while also focusing on classical pastel colors and Nature in their product line.

Rikke Bye-Sondresen
Rikke Bye-Sondresen

Rikke herself has designed the pillows. After several years as an interior decorator and avid user of pillows, Rikke desired to design textiles in fresh nuances, with decorative stripes and textures, an obvious inspiration from Scandinavian design. The textiles are made of wool - a renewable, natural material - and produced and weaved at the quality conscious brand Innvik AS in Stryn. The pillows are sewn at a local producer outside of Kristiansund.

Gudrun is launching with three unique pillow designs, all of which are inspired by the late summer nights, Rikke's childhood- and vacation memories from the 80s and 90s. Both design- and colour choices have been made so the pillows can match everyday life.

To buy or discover more visit: or @gudrundesign