Timeless elegance by Guillaume Alan

Guillaume Alan is a french designer, specializing in architecture, interior decoration and furniture design. 

His father was an architect, his mother an interior designer and his grandmother an antique dealer, so its clearly design was running through his veins. His first studio was founded in 2002 in Paris, at just the age of 22. After high demanding clientele internationality, he opened his second studio in 2011 in Mayfair, London.

Step inside of this amazing private residency in Paris, which he stripped to a raw canvas, building a subtle, serene and understated apartment where nothing is left to the unpredictable. 

His signature style is a great combination of minimalism and classicism, proving that the famous notion "less is more" is anything but simple. With elegance and refinement, he treats and defines the space in a very clean way, with a pure and flawless approach.

Major piece of this project is the light. The love of light is key to Alan's aesthetic and design ethos.

'The architecture is discovered while walking. Light makes architecture, it's thanks to light that walls, space and shadows can exist'.

A master with marble. Strong and seamless lines, decorated with only the most needed utilities. This project is pure, flawless and harmonious.

Soft textures and a gentle bespoke color palette refines the harmonic atmosphere, and gives the room warmth and depth as it also oozes quality. 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication in Guillaume Alan's eyes. Obsessed with details and precision, his interiors are consistent with calm emotions and tranquility. 

To discover more visit: www.guillaume-alan.com or @guillaumealan