Customized french interior: By Laurence Du Tilly

Unique pieces, 100% french manufractured. 

After ten years working with advertisement and publishing, Laurence took the leap and started her own furniture and interior brand By Laurence Du Tilly. 

From here workshop in Normandy, France, Laurence customizes tables and candle holders. Made out of steel, hand-made in a traditional way, welded in one piece, then painted by a powder coating process, where you can choose from 200 different colors. Versatile, modern and chic! 

You can customize the color of your table by choosing from 200 (RAL) shades with satin finish. RAL is a European color matching system, and includes 200 shades. You can also choose a varnish finish. 

Strength, balance and elegancy. Choose your own color that would fit your spesial atmosphere and personal expression. 

The tables comes in three sizes, Gypsy Medium (80x80), Gypsy Large (110x110) and Bohemian (160x80) 

Its pure lines made to last represent a perfect balance between trend, sobriety and timelessness.

Statement piece! We all could need some more colors in our lifes, and yellow is such a devine color.


Laurence creates also these pure and contemporary candle holders which is also made out of steel, hand-made with no screws and then painted by the same powder coating process. Here you also can choose between 200 colors from RAL color system.  Modern, chic and with a touch of deco! 

To check out more visit, or @bylaurencedutilly