Monolocale is a webshop created by two friends, Anna and Alexandra, who's from Italy and France but lives in Norway. They have a mutual passion and love for 'Slow Design'  and traditional processes, craftsmanship, playfulness, colours and timeless design. Both with a sense of decoration, culture and art, as well as travelling around the world meeting different artists and designers. 

Alexandra and Anna. Credit: Tonje Thygesen
Alexandra and Anna. Credit: Tonje Thygesen

After a coffee (or two) at a local coffee shop and bar in Oslo at Fuglen, they decided that they needed to do something together and Monolocale was created! 

Monolocale, meaning "studio flat" in Italian, is a tiny place filled with beautiful objects. Anna and Alexandra don't believe in mass production and over-consumption. Instead they support small unique projects which enrich cultures, respect traditions and carry a story.

They represent brands like Moustache Edition, FRAM Oslo, Mud is Mood and many more. Go visit their website and get inspired you too! 

This sculptural masterpiece of a chair!