Square In Circle is a London-based design studio founded in 2019. The studio explores lighting design in minimal, geometric forms inspired by the Modernist Era. Materials such as marble, metal and glass combine to make each sculptural piece a 'total and complete work of art', as in the manner of Gesamtkunstwerk*. 

Uncompromising, beautiful and unique design. Check out some of my favorites! 

Icon Table Lamp. A modern and oversized table lamp. Height is 900 mm. This lamp is inspired by the minimal ornamentation of Bauhaus design, with a white cotton shade. This lamp gives me also Art-Deco vibes, which I love! 

Cut Triangle II. Inspired by the El Lissitzky poster Beat the Whites with Red Wedge, this oversized triangular wedge floor lamp projects through the cotton drum shade. A rectangular marble panel at the base adds extra support. Crafted from brushed dark grey metal and white marble with a cotton shade.

Geometric Task Pendant. A stunning geometric pendant. Random geometric shapes were rotated horizontally and vertically, then joined together at the central pole to form a pendant. Shown here with a brushed brass finish and frosted glass. Other finishes is also available. 

Exhibition - Wall Light. Inspired by Joost Schmidt's Bauhaus Exhibition in Weimar poster, 1923. A semi-circle is attached to the top of the long rectangular wall bracket with a globe fixed to the front face. Crafted from two tone metals; shown in dark bronze, brushed brass and opaque glass globe.

The Globe Lamp.  A minimal table lamp with a black marble base with opaque glass and brushed brass. Stunning! Would look very nice on a desk or in the windowsill.  

Balance Floor Lamp. An elegant and minimal table lamp with a rounded tapered black marble base. The brushed brass pole is connected to a central powder-coated metal ball joint. The angled pole has two light sources at either end; one in the form of an frosted glass globe, the other a semicircular brushed brass shade. This lamp took my breath away as soon as I saw it. Very aesthetic and beautifully balanced lamp. On my wishlist.. 

Pole Dance Pendant. This pendant light is actually inspired by Oskar Schlemmer's 1928 Pole Dance- in which the performer appears as a shifting grid of geometric lines in various positions. A playful and a beautiful pendant! 

Circle light - Wall Light. A concept developed from Bauhaus posters in which designs appear rotated, irregular, geometric, bold and avant-garde. This wall lamp forms a semicircular metal frame with a continuous light strip and resin diffuser attached to both sides. The light is made from four elements that have been rotated irregularly.

Universe Table Lamp. The glass disc light provides an ambient glow and is held in place by a single, arched arm from one side. The light source projects from the main body through the disc. Beautiful craftsmanship and such a fascinating design! 

Pill Floor Lamp. A minimal floor lamp with a rounded block marble base. Brushed brass bands curve around the light source and base gracefully by joining both elements together. An uncompromising design and a well-balanced expression. 

Double Arch Pendant. This minimal brushed brass pendant light is formed from two arches. Both arches have opaque glass globes at both ends. One arch is rotated horizontally facing downwards, the other vertically upwards. The bare form hints at the space around it, suggesting regular cycles of movement.

Disc - Wall Light. This disc-shaped wall light comes with a metal bracket attached behind. The two arms of the bracket project beyond the disc horizontally and vertically. The light diffuses softly though the onyx and illuminates spaces with a calm ambience. Shown in a brushed brass finish and white onyx.

"We are always looking for something different, something unique... something new, design is like a time machine that constantly follows current trends. This was what I kept referring to whilst working on the collection. My concept was to make strong references to Modernism and geometry, as they are what I am passionate about. Design fitting on trend whilst retaining something timeless.

To discover more beautiful bespoke lighting, go to: or @squareincircle 

*The term Gesamtkunstwerk is used to describe other "holistic" works of art that include different art forms.