Inspiration: Sabine Marcelis

Sabine was raised in New Sealand, and studied industrial design for two years at Victoria University of Wellington, and continued her studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where she graduated in 2011. She is now based and working in Rotterdam, the Nederlands. After her graduation she founded her studio, Studio Sabine Marcelis, where she is operating within product design, installation and spatial design. Here are some of my favorite collections and collaborations. Although it's not her latest work, I still wanted to share as she is a huge inspiration for me. 

Fendi x Sabine Marcelis

Fendi FF Logo N. 2, courtesy of Fendi
Fendi FF Logo N. 2, courtesy of Fendi

Fendi's 10th anniversary of working with Design Miami and the birthday of Fendi's iconic Peekaboo bag, they teamed up with Sabine Marcelis. The exhibition The Shape of Water consists ten fountains which relates to Fendi's roman house in some way. 

"Using water as a design tool, the designer magnifies its delicate beauty by realising 10 fountains inspired by 10 of the most iconic symbols of the historical Roman house," said a description from Marcelis.

Photo by Fendi, courtesy of Design Miami
Photo by Fendi, courtesy of Design Miami
Photo by Fendi, courtesy of Design Miami
Photo by Fendi, courtesy of Design Miami

Sabine Marcelis also created a cast-resin version of the brand's iconic Peekaboo bag.  

Lazy Susan. 

By Sabine Marcelis and Paul Cornet. 2018. Photography by Pim Top.

A large rotating stone plateau, unveiling - when rotated - a translucent colored resin disc, as a spinning platform for the abundance of food, laughs and shared ideas.

This collection is cerebrating togetherness, and was developed after a week of endless Italian food gatherings, she says.  

This collection is made for the residency at Palazzo Monti and all items are unic pieces.

The Totem Lights. 

2018. Photography by Pim Top. 

The lights are build up of several stacked translucent resin volumes which are slightly rotated on a central axis. 

Candy Cubes. 

2014 - ongoing. Photography by Jeroen Verrecht. 

Soap Series. 

2017. Photography: David Stjerholm and Pim Top. 

Nomad Monaco Soap series.  The Soap Table together with  Soap Columns, Cube and Soap Planter. Beautiful composition! 

Sabine Marcelis is definitely one of my favorite designers. Her unique and strong aesthetic point of view for her collaboration is seemingly for the extraordinary. There is something futuristic about her artistic expression, and I am always excited to see more.

To read or check out more of her work, visit: or @sabine_marcelis